A solution tailored to the tabletop industry.

Tabletop ID tags each board game with an advanced NFC chip

Tags are easily scanned with a smartphone or reader. These simple scans provide data for portal features, and gives access to value added content.


Smart products deliver experiences that drives consumer engagement, insights, and business impact


A consolidated pre-order platform, optimising the ordering process


Verify the authenticity of each product


Collection of data and dashboard display of analytics

Customer Engagement

Value added content for both retailers and consumers

Tracking & Inventory

Track products through the supply chain

Targeted Marketing

Direct access to relevant consumers

We demonstrated the Tabletop ID NFC technology through a tap-to-win event at UKGE 2019. It was a roaring success, and the prize draw was a big event at our booth.

31 participating companies had an NFC-enabled poster in their booth, where visitors could scan and answer questions about promoted products.


Does counterfeiting affect your company? Would you know if it did?

The more popular a game is, the higher the chance of it being reproduced outside official channels. But by the time the counterfeits hit the streets, it's too late. You've lost control of your own product. The consequences of counterfeiting go further than just loss of sales. It affects all layers of the ecosystem, and can inflict great damage.

Be a trusted brand

Poor quality counterfeits available on the market can harm the reputation of the brands involved in the production of the original game, as a consumer currently has no good way of determining whether or not they are in possession of an original product. Tabletop ID lets the consumer verify whether or not their copy is authentic.

Ensure component quality

Counterfeiters do not have to adhere to rules and regulations. There is no control of the substances used, and poor, or even hazardous materials could have been utilised to create the counterfeit components. This can pose a danger to the end consumer, and also damage the reputation of the brand behind the original games.

Control market value

Competing with cheap online copies is difficult. Besides hurting the bottom line of a publisher, retailers also suffer from this competition, and manufacturers lose out on production when counterfeit copies take sales. Root out counterfeits, so the market can be taken by authentic copies of the game.

A consolidated pre-ordering platform for all parts of the industry

Tabletop ID Gateway optimises the ordering process, and reduces workload and lead times with a consolidated, industry-wide solution.


Live ordering details enables quick and accurate decisions on print run sizes and when to reprint.


Opt into available games and receive orders from retailers.


Order what you want and receive what you order from your preferred participating distributor.


Get linked to relevant consumers through Tabletop ID

There are many options available for marketing today. But how much of your budget is wasted on hopes of relevant eyeballs on a banner, or a Facebook promotion?


Utilising Tabletop ID on your games creates a direct channel to your end user. A relevant channel. The Tabletop ID app offers an opportunity to communicate directly with the consumer, and is of course fully GDPR compliant.


The solution can also be used as an additional attraction to your booth at conventions. A Tabletop ID-activated "Tap-to-Win" poster gains you valuable insight and new direct channels in the process.

Releasing an expansion?

Send a message to the registered owners of the base game, informing them of this new release.


Releasing a new game?

Send a message to owners you know will be interested in this mechanic or theme based their current ownership of other games. The Tabletop ID filters, under your control, finds the relevant consumers for you.


Attending a convention?

Send a message to game owners in the area to come visit your stand


Want more out of your stand?

With a "Tap-to-Win"-poster, you can record participating foot traffic in your booth. Visitors tap their phones on the designated area to enter the contest. Gain new consumer channels at the cost of a prize drawn at the end of the convention.


Be present for the entire customer journey

The journey doesn't end when the consumer brings home their game. Turn your product into an IoT (Internet of Things) gateway for one-to-one, product-to-consumer dialogue. Customers will benefit from easy-to-use, interactive, and more personalised services, all accessible with a quick tap of their smartphone. This content can even be dynamic. Customers can receive different content before and after their purchase. 


The possibilities are endless for what can be included as value added content for your game. Is your game based around farming or cooking? Include a recipe for your best "snack-while-playing". Is your game about music? Include a link to a streaming playlist. Checking out the value added content is a second "unboxing", enhancing the consumers experience of your product.

Value Added Content 

Loyalty Programs



Updated Rulebook 


Tabletop Generation page  

International Rulebooks 


Record plays

Proof of ownership

Add to online collection

Recommended games

Handy Links

Curated how-to-play videos

Companion app

Digital version (up-sell)




Find stores nearby 


Info on tournaments

Game locator (retailers)

Updates from Publisher

Relevant marketing  


Gain data and utilise real-time intelligence to increase business


Shipments and single products can be tracked through the supply chain, and can also be used to find sources of specific sales.

Geographical data 

See the spread of your products, and optimise distribution and event planning. Make sure you are covered in all areas.


Have full overview of replacements or component requests. See data on which products need replacements, including the supply chain of these individual copies.


Know where your products are at all times. Be ahead of the curve and up-sell based on first hand knowledge of low inventories throughout the supply chain. End user can see which retailers carry specific games.

Industry analytics and insights (subject to Tabletop ID adoption rate) can include data such as where certain mechanics are popular, top sellers with geographical filters, combining factors to give forecasts for print runs, and other analytics.


"The tabletop games industry would benefit greatly from better visibility in the supply chain. With today's online marketplaces being the giants that they are, and the question of product devaluation always coming up, the ability to track a product from the manufacturer all the way to the consumer would be invaluable.


The possibilities that Tabletop ID presents are genuinely exciting, and I sincerely hope to see a widespread adoption of the products and services offered here in the near future. From where I stand, the pricing seems agreeable, if not a downright steal considering the possibilities for increased revenue and better supply chain control. The questions are being asked, so why don't we start looking towards implementing a system that can readily give us the answers?"

Anthony Boyd
Lucky Duck Games 

"Over the past three decades, I've been involved in every aspect of the hobby/game trade, and

I've never seen a tool with such promise.


This technology has the potential to completely redefine the way we all do business with one another."

Phil Lacefield Jr.
Golden Distribution 

"Being able to accurately track our stock flow is essential to providing the 

best possible service to our fans and customers.


Tabletop ID is a fantastic step forward in an industry that desperately needs more data!"

Peter Blenkharn
Inside the Box Board Games 


With 20 years of experience in contract management, and streamlining & optimising processes, Anne-Marte has a unique ability to form and translate insights into technological advances.

Anne-Marte Andersen


James has 20 years experience in the Nordic tech industry, and was one of the founding members of Aporta Games. Getting involved in the tabletop industry was the start of Tabletop Generation, which has been developed over the past 4 years.

James David Tandy





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